A Community Centre for Tilling Green – The Film

A film made in conjunction with the people of Tilling Green in the period after the Tilling Green School Closed and the building stood empty.

East Sussex County Council were ‘persuaded’ that the electrics that had been torn out were replaced and the building opened up as a Community Centre for the 2000 plus people that live on Tilling Green and in the immediate area.

The buildingĀ and surrounding groundsĀ have been well used by the Community but now East Sussex County Council are trying to ‘cash in’ and sell the ground and knock down the building and let a property developer build on the site, providing a ‘token’ small building for Community use.

In our eyes this amounts to a ‘criminal act of exploitation’ and should be stopped at all costs. Rye Town Council are doing their best and “Rye’s Own” will support any action to prevent this travesty of the rights of the people of Tilling Green to have a Community Centre of a size to suite their requirements. A BUILDING AND GROUNDS ONE INCH SMALLER IN SIZE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Come on County – you have sold off enough of Rye already – Keep your hands of the Tilling Green Community Centre.

This film is just as relevant today as it was the day it was first released

A Film from the Rye’s Own film archive.