The Cinque Ports


By Kenneth Clarke

Although the origins of the Cinque Ports are unknown, their individual beginnings preceded the Norman Conquest, for the Domesday Book records that during the reign of Edward the Confessor the burgesses of Dover, Sandwich and Romney were liable to supply to ‘the King, once in the year. Continue reading The Cinque Ports

A Victorian Christmas in Rye

What was a Dickens Christmas?


Victorian Christmas in Rye
Victorian Christmas in Rye


In modern times, with all the comforts that the post war world has ushered in, it is, perhaps, hard to imagine the days which Dickens has so vividly recorded for us when the workhouse and the beggar were part of the daily scene and the world was, as Disraeli remarked, for the few – the very few. Although with the advance of the welfare state the character of Christmas has changed and its true meaning has been lost amidst the onslaught of commercialism, it still remains a season of goodwill and a time when hearts are strangely touched by the magic of the occasion. Continue reading A Victorian Christmas in Rye

How Dare They

How dare Rother District Council even consider selling off the building that fed the town in times of extreme poverty and which has become a friendly landmark set deep in the heart of true lovers of Rye. Continue reading How Dare They