Carnival Appeal Film – 1965


Will Rye Sports and Rye Carnival Live Again

In 1965 Rye Sports Day was a popular local event, attracting athletes from all over the country. But Television was gaining a hold and first class athletics from the White City was showing athletes of International stature. Spectator support was dropping and the difference from 1950, when about 4,000 people turned up at the Cricket Salts to watch the athletic and cycle races to the mid sixties, when Continue reading Carnival Appeal Film – 1965

Beating the Bounds of Rye 1982

The Boundaries of Rye

Beating the bounds is an ancient custom which has been observed in Rye on occasion over the years. The custom started in times when there were few maps. Sometimes the events were known as  name Gangdays, and participants would be  going a-ganging. Records of Gangdays date prior to the Norman Conquest.

Rye follows the traditional pattern of  old and young members of the community walking the the boundaries of the parish. Continue reading Beating the Bounds of Rye 1982

We Built at Lighthouse

When the first nuclear power station was built at Dungeness over forty years ago it was suddenly realized that it would obstruct the lights from the old lighthouse to ships approaching from the West. It was decided that another one would have to be built quickly to the East of the old one and further out at a point nearer the sea. The old lighthouse was a manned lighthouse, they decided they would build a new fully automatic one, a prototype of the lamphouse kind. Continue reading We Built at Lighthouse

Rye’s Own Editorial May 2013


I was fortunate enough to have spent my teenage years on Tilling Green.Very few of us youngsters who lived on the new estate through the 1950’s have anything but good memories of a place where growing up was such fun and where parental control was so effective yet barely noticed. Continue reading Rye’s Own Editorial May 2013

The Councillor Designer and Deans

By Gemma Glover

For those who have lived in Rye all, or most, of their lives, I bet it does not seem 52 years ago that Deans Rag Book Company came to Tower Street. The Company spent 30 years here and employed many local people. Deans moved out in 1982 re-siting at a new home in South Wales. Continue reading The Councillor Designer and Deans