The Rye Fund

The Rye Fund Thanks to the generosity of local people and with the benefit of substantial match funding received under the government’s Grassroots Endowment Challenge, we are delighted to report that The Rye Fund has now reached £100,000. Continue reading The Rye Fund

Rye’s Own Editorial May 2013


I was fortunate enough to have spent my teenage years on Tilling Green.Very few of us youngsters who lived on the new estate through the 1950’s have anything but good memories of a place where growing up was such fun and where parental control was so effective yet barely noticed. Continue reading Rye’s Own Editorial May 2013

Boxing Club


By Carl Turner

A strong and dedicated team of 16 boxers from Rye Town Amateur Boxing Club will be heading off to Wales on Friday 8th March 2013 to take on their biggest challenge to date. The challenge named Operation Lion Heart will see Rye’s Boxing Team led by coaches Dean Turner and Carl Turner, engage in combat with two local Welsh Boxing Clubs, one after the other, immediately followed by a 3,560ft climb to the summit of the highest mountain in England and Wales, Mount Snowdon. Continue reading Boxing Club