Riot at Camber

“Rye’s Own” – Only News Media to Pick Up the Story

June 2006


On Sunday 18 June 2006 there were reports coming into our offices of a Riot at Camber. Police cars, ambulances and Fire Engines were streaming through Rye and a major incident was suspected by members of the public.

Strangely there were no reports of the event on Radio or Television even though locals were talking of 60 riot policemen and armed police at the scene. The Continue reading Riot at Camber

The Councillor Designer and Deans

By Gemma Glover

For those who have lived in Rye all, or most, of their lives, I bet it does not seem 52 years ago that Deans Rag Book Company came to Tower Street. The Company spent 30 years here and employed many local people. Deans moved out in 1982 re-siting at a new home in South Wales. Continue reading The Councillor Designer and Deans

Town Crier

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What a wonderful holiday season, crammed with seasonal gatherings. Jo’ and I attended an amazing variety of family functions, a ‘Tarts & Vicars Christmas Birthday Bash’, several Dinner Parties and a Twelfth Night event that we put on at our house. Continue reading Town Crier