Carnival Appeal Film – 1965


Will Rye Sports and Rye Carnival Live Again

In 1965 Rye Sports Day was a popular local event, attracting athletes from all over the country. But Television was gaining a hold and first class athletics from the White City was showing athletes of International stature. Spectator support was dropping and the difference from 1950, when about 4,000 people turned up at the Cricket Salts to watch the athletic and cycle races to the mid sixties, when Continue reading Carnival Appeal Film – 1965

Shops in Rye

Jimper remembers the shops in Rye when he was a youth – The buildings remain but the shops, in the main, sell different things than in those far off days!

Shops in Rye

By Jimper

Coming into the citadel of Rye through the Landgate Arch, you enter the Ancient Town of Rye proper. The first change from my early days is on my left, where the forge once was. The open fronted shed has been enclosed and is now a shop. Further up and not visible from the road the lookout shelter down the steps, presented to Rye by one time Mayor of Rye E. F. Benson, has been closed and the doorway bricked up. Continue reading Shops in Rye