Shops in Rye

Jimper remembers the shops in Rye when he was a youth – The buildings remain but the shops, in the main, sell different things than in those far off days!

Shops in Rye

By Jimper

Coming into the citadel of Rye through the Landgate Arch, you enter the Ancient Town of Rye proper. The first change from my early days is on my left, where the forge once was. The open fronted shed has been enclosed and is now a shop. Further up and not visible from the road the lookout shelter down the steps, presented to Rye by one time Mayor of Rye E. F. Benson, has been closed and the doorway bricked up. Continue reading Shops in Rye

Old family names of Rye

Arthur Woodgate remembers the old family names of Rye and examines other topics of interest to those of us who have spent most of our lives in this small, proud town I thought I knew most Rye Harbour people and I still know the name of Saunders, and must have known Graham’s dad but he was 14 years older than me when at school and in early teens 14 years was a long time. (Graham Saunders has written more reminiscences in a letter in this month’s Pen & Ink). Continue reading Old family names of Rye