War and Peace

by Arthur Woodgate

The phrase “all but the kitchen sink” did not hold out when the Germans smashed Havelock Villas on the Strand for, large as life, there was the kitchen sink sitting on the top of one of the houses of “T square”. As it and the other contents of Havelock were blasted out, my dad working in his work shop, heard and saw a piece of rock drop through his roof and finish by his foot. The whole roof had to be replaced after the War. Continue reading War and Peace

Inns Of The Cinque Ports

The Pubs of Rye no. 8.

The Cinque Ports Arms Assembly Room, Cinque Ports Street.

by David Russell.

The foundation stone for the Cinque Ports Assembly Room was laid in August 1868, and within three months it was open as an integral part of the Cinque Ports Arms. The Assembly Room, which was 50 by 25 feet [15.24m x 7.62m], extended the frontage of the pub to a total of 141 feet [43m], making it one of the largest licensed premises in Rye. Continue reading Inns Of The Cinque Ports

The Globe Inn – Rye

The Pubs of Rye No. 4

The Globe Inn

by David Russell

The Globe opened in 1834 when a 50 year lease on this piece of land was granted to John Wheeler by the Reverend Lamb of Iden. John Wheeler, a beer retailer, then became the Globe’s first landlord. The lease included the cliff behind the pub which descends from Playden Heights, with its ‘pendants [overhanging parts] being part and parcel of the property’. A fairly large cave in the face of the cliff was also included in the lease. The annual rent was £127. Continue reading The Globe Inn – Rye

The Union Inn

The Pubs of Rye no. 2.

The Union Inn East Street.

By David Russell.

The Union Inn which recently closed has joined the ranks of the ‘Lost Pubs’ of Rye. The building was originally two 16th century cottages and a small shop. The cottages may have been licensed centuries ago, but by the 19th century the building was owned by John Swain and occupied by his under tenant John Hunter, who converted one of the cottages into the Union beer house in 1830. Continue reading The Union Inn

Local Victorian Post in Rye

Glimpses into Local Postal Services in Victorian Times.The tale of Charles Thomas.By Barry Floyd.Introduction.

In the mid-nineteenth century Rye’s post office was located on the High Street. Continue reading Local Victorian Post in Rye

Fom The Regal To Rye

The Melody Lingers on Don Valentine remembering the sound of LOCAL THEATRE ORGANS – PAST & PRESENT

Whenever I hear the strains of Ravels BOLERO , I am seated in the Circle of the Regal Super Cinema taken there by a visiting aunt to see “Bolero” starring amongst others George Raft, Carole Lombard and Ray Milland. If you recognise these names, stay aboard for a journey into nostalgia…………………… Continue reading Fom The Regal To Rye

Victoria’s Diamond Jubiles

“These medals”, writes Frank Palmer, “Were presented on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1887. The silver diamond shaped medal with the blue ribbon was issued to every Mayor and in Scotland the Provost – A total of only 512 were given in the whole of the U.K. The Mayor, Walter Fuller, was the recipient of of the one earmarked for Rye . Continue reading Victoria’s Diamond Jubiles

Antique or just old?

By Arthur Woodgate

Writing about outside of Rye’s defence wall, it came to me that some of the property inside was not as antique as we might think. Yes there are footings all over where we can see buildings. Continue reading Antique or just old?

Arthur’s Cinque Ports Street Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

From the new shops to the corner of Market Road where Jempson’s now have a restaurant. That building has housed many businesses in my life. Don’t know how long but not too many hundreds of years ago customers would have got their feet wet stepping out of there into Cinque Ports Street. Slip across the bottom of Market Road from Jempsons Restaurant to Phillips & Stubbs – a nice big new looking building where they sell houses. I said new looking, well to me it is new, I Continue reading Arthur’s Cinque Ports Street Part Two

Rye Mayors 1913 – 2010


Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

There is a strong belief that all Rye Mayors have been members of the council but this is not true. They must be chosen by Rye Council from Rye ratepayers and, of course, the chosen person must agree to take the position. Continue reading Rye Mayors 1913 – 2010