London Murderer was brought up in Rye

Masood Shot Dead at Westminster.

It was revealed yesterday that the London Murderer has been identified by police as Khalid Masood.

The Westminster attacker, Masood, 52, was born as Adrian Elms and it’s claimed by the “Mail”, that he lived in a £300,000 house in Rye when he was a boy. 

The so-called Islamic State group has claimed it was behind the attack.

According to the Metropolitan police, three women and five men were arrested on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts following Wednesday’s attack. Continue reading London Murderer was brought up in Rye

Earl Beatty – Freeman of Rye

By Frank Palmer

In January 1920 the First Sea Lord, Admiral Earl Beatty was admitted
to the honorary freedom of the Borough of Rye in appreciation of his
outstanding naval service during W.W.I. He succeeded Earl Jellicoe
as First Sea Lord, and was the youngest British Admiral since Nelson. Continue reading Earl Beatty – Freeman of Rye