Vintage Stuck Indoors Competitions

Todays Competition

for something to do in these long lock-down days

Competition three :- Any National Dress or Period Outfit

Can be something you have in the wardrobe – Something you throw together, an outfit made out of flags or just something you come up with – Better put what country it is supposed to come from if it’s not obvious. Just have fun and pass some of that seemingly endless time. Continue reading Vintage Stuck Indoors Competitions

The Old Billy

The Royal William ¬†–¬†Camber

By Clifford Jordan

From October 2001 “Rye’s Own”

A late nineteenth century postcard of the original Old Billy Pub situated at Camber opposite the Golf Club House which was weather boarded with a stove pipe chimney on the left and destroyed by fire in 1893 Continue reading The Old Billy