When Granville was Young

Everyone in town knows 74 year old Town Councillor Granville Bantick. Many follow his column in Rye Observer and his exploits in cycle races as part of the Rye Wheelers racing team. But what about when he was a young man? Continue reading When Granville was Young

Pen & Ink

Owned the Shoe Shop by the Tower

Dear Editor

After reading a number of Rye’s Own magazines recently, I have been prompted to write to you about a few things which may interest you and your readers. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Down Rye Way


by Elaine Peprell

John Button

John Button was born in Rye 46 years ago. Into those 46 years he has packed more adventures and experiences than any 10 average men put together. He initially attended the Mermaid Street School, but spent some of his later school Continue reading Down Rye Way