Evolution of the Sailing Ship Through Seals

The Common seals of the Cinque Ports and a number of other ports are of interest and value in understanding the evolution of European sailing ships in the Middle Ages. Continue reading Evolution of the Sailing Ship Through Seals

A Better Way For Rye

A copy of the handbill issued by the Campaign for a Democratic Rye at the Public Meeting on November 14.

When the reorganisation of local government took place in 1974 Rye lost not only power over its own affairs but most of its land and property as well. Continue reading A Better Way For Rye

Saturday 6 April 1907

Easter Holidays – A Festival of Sunshine – Many Visitors

Beautiful sunshine and serene atmosphere favoured the holidays throughout. Commencing with Good Friday, the sun soon manifested its genial effects, and from early morn until the fall of the shades of evening visitors from neighbouring towns and residents were enjoying the picturesque sunlit walks in the immediate neighbourhood of Rye. At night the moon rose at its full, and both country and town looked exceedingly beautiful under the silver glow. Continue reading Saturday 6 April 1907