Frederica Tops the Poll


Twenty-three-year-old Frederica Barwood was voted “Rye’s Girl of the Year” by readers and becomes “Miss Rye’s Own 1969”.

Voting for the eight finalists was very heavy and, as in previous years, the result was a pretty close-run thing. Almost 1,000 votes were cast and each girl had a good share in the final count. Votes came from as far afield as Scot­land, Wales and Germany.

“Miss Rye’s Own 1969” is in fact a Mrs — Frederica was married at Playden Church in 1963 to Clifford Barwood. They have one son, Nickolous, aged four.

Frederica Brown, as she then was, first saw the light of day at Playden, one mile from Rye and lived in the village until her marriage, attending the Playden Infants School and Rye Grammar School.

Fredenca has always been interested in the countryside and country life, her knowledge of wild plants is extensive. This interest is reflected in her hobby, art. From a child she has re­corded on paper the plant life of nature.

Frederica on Fishmarket Jetty
Frederica on Fishmarket Jetty

Frederica has been active on the other side of the drawing board; she is a part-time artist’s and photographer’s model.

Arts also played a part in her early working life. Leaving school at 15 to become a ceramic artist, first at Rye Pottery and then at the Cinque Ports Pottery.


Anibitions of young people are usually pretty wide and varied but “Miss Rye’s Own” is way ahead of most. Her list of ambitions include parachute jumping, undersea diving, a flight in a balloon and no doubt if the opportunity presented itself, a couple of orbits round the Earth in a space capsule. Whether any of these ambitions will be fulfilled is open to speculation but an achievement that Frederica already has to her credit is one which most women would never dream of attaining – a Championship Cup for Angling.

Frederica - Miss Rye's Own 1969
Frederica – Miss Rye’s Own 1969


Miss Rye's Own 1969
Miss Rye’s Own 1969

Yes! “Miss Rye’s Own 1969” has character and personality as well as beauty and will be a worthy holder of the title for the coming year.

Frederica at the Town Hall

The 1969 Miss Rye’s Own, Frederica Barwood, attended the Mayor’s Parlour on Friday 20th. June and was presented with her prize for winning the competition by the Mayor of Rye. Councillor P.N.Ellis.

The Mayor of Rye, Councillor Phil Ellis, Presents the Frederica with her prize for winning the 1969 Miss Rye's Own Competition
The Mayor of Rye, Councillor Phil Ellis, Presents the Frederica with her prize for winning the 1969 Miss Rye’s Own Competition

The Mayor ceremoniously kissed our Beauty Queen and commented that this was one of the most pleasant tasks of the mayoral years. – –

F’rederica, who will represent Rye in the Queen of Queens Competition at Hastings Carnival on 2 July told the Mayor that she looked forward to her year as Miss Rye’s Own.

“Rye’s Own” July 1969

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