Rye Election 69


Rye people do care how local government is run. This point was driven home at the council elections on May 8th. when a near record 54 per cent poll was recorded.

Eight candidates contested four seats. Mr. Stanley James Bourne, who has served for six years, topped the poll with 1,012 votes and confidently takes his place for a third term of office with this massive vote of confidence.

Second highest votes recorded were for new-corner Mr. Michael Guest Bedford with 822 votes. Retiring member, Mr. Geoffrey Claude Scotcher, was re-elected with 705 votes and the fourth seat was won by a former mayor of Rye. Mr. Ronald John Reynolds, with 632 votes. Mr. Reynolds returns to local govern­ment after a year’s absence; he did not stand for re-election in1968.


Rye voters seem to have returned to their traditional pattern of keeping their council independent – both Ratepayers’ Association candidates, Mrs. Barbara Fearon (618 votes) and Mr. Gerald Eden Bellhouse (553 votes), were defeated, ending a run of successes that had resulted in the Association getting three seats on the Council.

Mr. Roy Hudnett Parrack, retiring coun­cillor, recorded 484 votes and was defeated. Mr. Parrack has served two terms of office; he was first elected in 1963.

The other unsuccessful candidate, Mr. Herbert Southerden, recorded 482 votes.


The Rye Council is now made up as follows:

The Mayor of Rye, Councillor

Alderman W. J. Hacking

Alderman R. A. Prebble

Alderman W. Beevers

Alderman P. Dee

Councillor 0. C. Scotcher

Councillor S. J. Bourne

Councillor W. S. Macer

Councillor W. T. Dennis

Councillor G. E. Ferrari

Councillor Mrs. E. Philpott

Councillor T. Spencer

Councillor Mrs. B. Cope

Councillor A. R. Vidler

Councillor M. G. Bedford

Councillor R. J. Reynolds

Election 1969
Election 1969
Rye Maroyal Procession 1969
Rye Maroral Procession 1969


Pennies from Heaven - Or from the Mayor of Rye anyway.
Pennies from Heaven – Or from the Mayor of Rye anyway.

From the June 1969 edition of Rye’s Own.