Sunk in the Strand

The well known local fishing boat “Llamedos” was recently reported ‘sunk’ in The Strand.The owner of the vessel contacted the RNLI Operations Manager at Rye Harbour requesting assistance with the recovery of his boat, which had sunk due to the wind pinning the boat under the ledge of the Strand wall and with a high tide and excessive flood water coming from the River Tillingham, following a heavy rain fall.

It was agreed that the RNLI volunteer crew at Rye Harbour would help recover the vessel at the next low tide.

The Operations Manager at Rye Harbour contacted the Environment Agency to request that the sluice gate on the River Tillingham, which runs into the Strand, be closed to reduce the risk to the RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Crew whilst carrying out the recovery.

At 4.45pm the RNLI Rye Harbour crew set off for the Strand to rescue ‘Llamedos’. The Sluice gate was closed and the fishing smack was pumped dry and re-floated. The RNLI Crew left the scene at 6.45pm and returned to station.

The crew at Rye Harbour will be doing a sponsored 24 hour Tandem Ride between the current Lifeboat house and the Mary Stanford boathouse.

The event will start at midday on Friday, 29 January and finish at midday on Saturday, 30 January.

On Saturday, 30th January there will be a sponsored ‘Stroll Our Shore’Welly Walk.The walk will start at 10am at the Lifeboat Station; the route will go to the shore and back again. The walk will cover part of the tandem ride route – so you will be able to see the crew doing the Tandem Ride.

There will be an entry fee of £3 for anyone aged 14 or over. The under 14’s will get free entry with sponsorship ‘Stroll Our Shore’ RNLI sponsored Welly Walk starting at 10am on Saturday 30th January.

Free entry for anyone with sponsorship. Without sponsorship there will be an entry fee of £2

for 14 year olds and under and £3 entry fee for over 14’s. This event is ideal for the whole family.

The walk will end at the Lifeboat Station and ‘Soup Or Sandwiches’ will be available at Rye Harbour Sailing Club from midday until 2pm. There will also be refreshments and cakes available.

Would you like to sponsor the crew or any of the event or would you like to hold your own event? Then please contact Steve or Richard on 01797 223631.

“Rye’s Own” January 2010