Ice Rink For Cinque Ports Street

What a great Christmas Rye has got to look forward to. Carol Concert at St. Mary’s, Mother Christmas and her Elves, a Bucking Reindeer, Christmas Market, real Reindeer, Street Performances all round town and on the Town Hall Steps. Continue reading Ice Rink For Cinque Ports Street

The Rye Mill


Rye Mill
Rye Mill

Actual documentary evidence on the history of Rye Mill is virtually non-existent. It was the subject of Victorian mezzotints and oleographs, but beyond that visual and literary records are silent. Whether a mill existed on the present site earlier than, say, 1850, is a matter of pure conjecture. We do know, however, that long before the Webb family, who used the mill for baking and bread-making before and after the Second War, came into residence the buildings had been given over to storing grain. Probably the last flour actually produced there was sold either before or during the First World War. Then the bakery was at the Mill Cottage – the old tall chimney of the bakehouse can be seen in the photographs taken in the 1920s. Continue reading The Rye Mill

Bonfire Boys Christmas Collection

Have fun and help others – That should be the motto of the Rye Bonfire Society. Already, just a few weeks after their fantastic efforts on Rye Fawkes Night, where all the money collected is presented to local charities, they are back on the streets raising money to for the 2005 Celebrations. Continue reading Bonfire Boys Christmas Collection