Lessons from History

By Eric Streeton.

Rye has had to repel many attempts on its Freedom. One good instance is the many assaults by our then French foes on the Town over the centuries. Then we were able to strike back and bloody their noses for them. If something was taken from us against our will we would just take it back, just as the men of Winchelsea and Rye did when the French stole our Church Bells. Even Hitler could not bring the Town to its knees; it rose like a Phoenix from the ashes.
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Bonfire Boys Christmas Collection

Have fun and help others – That should be the motto of the Rye Bonfire Society. Already, just a few weeks after their fantastic efforts on Rye Fawkes Night, where all the money collected is presented to local charities, they are back on the streets raising money to for the 2005 Celebrations. Continue reading Bonfire Boys Christmas Collection