Changing Rye in the 1970’s – A David Smeed Film

Including Bonfire Building, Morris Dancing and Fire at local Builder’s Yard

Another selection of Rye events of the 1970’s from David Smeed’s amazing record of Rye life in moving pictures from almost fifty years ago.

Those of us that can remember look back  on these times which seemed so much slower and peaceful.

There are so many more David Smeed’s films, given to the Rye’s Own archive by David’s wife Sheila. It will take many months to get them transferred into a digital form that we can put on the web-site.

From the Rye’s Own Archive Thursday 4 May 2017

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An Old Friend Returns to Rye

SAP 201 Returns

“Rye’s Own” is making a film about a Famous Rye Fire Appliance and the men who served with her.

This is just a short sequence showing the old pump’s return to Rye after almost 50 years away from the Ancient Town she served so well in the 1960’s and early 70’s.


Retired Fireman, Bob Rogers and his son Shaun, who now serves with Rye Continue reading An Old Friend Returns to Rye

Woolies & Fire Brigade Party 1963

By Jim Hollands

This is a ‘Gem’ from the “Rye’s Own Film Archive” – So many great Rye Characters¬†, these were the people who made this town ‘tick’ over the years from the 40’s and in some cases up to the present time. Continue reading Woolies & Fire Brigade Party 1963

100 Faces from the Horner Collection

How many faces do you recognise in these six pictures from The Horner Collection? The top photograph depicts Mr. Fullock’s class at Rye County Secondary School around 1957. The second school group is again a class from the same period at Rye County Secondary. Continue reading 100 Faces from the Horner Collection

Rye Bonfires of the Past


Recapture Moments from the Past, Worthy of Preservation.

Sixty years ago in 1945 the Second World War had just reached it’s terrible conclusion with the discovery of the death camps in Europe and the dropping of two atom bombs on Japan. Continue reading Rye Bonfires of the Past

Ex Fireman’s River Rescue

Despite disabilities that have put one time Rye Fireman Dave Benn in a wheelchair he didn’t hesitate when the car in front of him left the road and ended up in a waterway at Small Hythe. Continue reading Ex Fireman’s River Rescue

Draper’s Mill

Draper’s Mill, also known as Tivoli Mill and Silverhill Mill took its name from the Draper family who ran it for several decades. Draper’s was a smock windmill standing on the site of a previous mill which burned down in 1867. (Some reports suggest 1865) This new larger mill was rebuilt by Agricultural Engineers from Catsfield for the Draper family around 1866 (possibly as late as 1868) and was in use until 1941. Continue reading Draper’s Mill

Ex-Rye Fireman Dies in New Zealand

by Roland Jempson.

How strange, that in the April edition of “Rye’s Own” there should be an article of the Rye Fire Brigade in 1952. This edition dropped on my doorstep in Bristol at the same time as I heard the news of the Death and Funeral of my brother in law Harry Martin., once a member of Rye Fire Brigade. Born in Scotland in 1917, Harry came from a family of fishermen. The family lived at Campbeltown on the Mull of Kintyre, he was the eldest of five having three brothers and a sister. Continue reading Ex-Rye Fireman Dies in New Zealand

Bonfire Boys Christmas Collection

Have fun and help others – That should be the motto of the Rye Bonfire Society. Already, just a few weeks after their fantastic efforts on Rye Fawkes Night, where all the money collected is presented to local charities, they are back on the streets raising money to for the 2005 Celebrations. Continue reading Bonfire Boys Christmas Collection

Rye Fire Pump

Old Rye Fire Pump

This old horse drawn steam water pump, photographed in his youth by Mike Whiteman, seems to be an appliance belonging to Rye Fire Brigade.

Can any of our readers throw more light on the subject. What was the date it was introduced? Over what period was it used?. And who are the firemen in the picture? Continue reading Rye Fire Pump