Albert has Died

It is with deep sadness we report that ‘Albert’ the “Rye’s Own” mascot has died.

The little dog we adopted as our mascot when he was just three months old, had a kidney disorder that meant that he was on a special diet from that time. The prognosis of a life expectancy of “weeks rather than months” was forecast at the time.

But Albert was made of stern stuff, and despite his very limited food intake, he enjoyed life to the full thanks to a very devoted family, who took the greatest care of him, he got so much pleasure and fun out of every day.

He appeared in our magazines and on the “Rye’s Own” web pages on many occasions and many readers got to know of him. He even met some of them at the “War & Peace Revival” and the “Hands Across the Sea International Rally” at Folkestone Racecourse last May.

Albert had reached almost two and a half when his kidneys gave out completely and he gave up the fight. He was active almost to the very end and has brought lots of joy into the lives of all that met him and even some that had not. He was a lovely, good natured little fellow who had a greeting for everyone.

His passing leaves an enormous space in many hearts.

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin ¬† Thursday 11 February 2016