Rye’s Own Editorial – April 1966


Six months have passed since the first issue of Rye’s Own made its presence felt on the news stands in this small town. In that short space of time we have chronicled the events of the day and also looked back in time to the Rye of older days. It is difficult to assess the interests of a varied readership that we must cater for if we are to be successful but it seems that the formula adopted is the right one, sales have increased with each issue, so, except for the inclusion of more sports features, the present policy will be adhered to in the months to come. Thank you all for your wonderful support.

March 31st is election day, our cameras will be out to capture the excitement of the event and the colour of the occasion but in this month’s issue we have purposely omitted any articles on the election, we feel that there will be so much about it in the national press and on television that any contribution in a monthly magazine like this would be unnecessary and inadequate.

Over the past decade many voices have been raised as to the desirability of reviving a Rye Carnival. The chance has now come for all those interested, to support the public meeting to be held at the Town Hall on 23rd March at 7 p.m. This meeting has been called by the members of the old Carnival Committee and is open to anyone interested in such a venture. Rye’s Own has previously pledged its £upport for a Carnival and we should give any help within our power to make it a successful occasion.

The Comprehensive System—just three words but what an uproar they have caused in the town, public meetings, school meetings and parents meetings all on the same subject, there have also been quite a lot of unofficial discussions in the borough weighing the pros and cons of the contro­versial subject. Rye’s Own has stood on the touch-line as it were, reporting but remaining completely independent, we intend to pursue this policy of non-alinement. A letter on the subject appears in “Pen and Ink,” as stated before, we do not necessarily agree with any contributor to this feature but print this letter as an interesting example of the response received about the system.

Rumour has reached us of an impending assault on Rye by many famous film stars and pop person­alities, no real details are available yet but there will be many excited teenagers in Rye when the names appear in the press.

After the tumult of the General Election dies down, the Rye Council elections will come into the limelight. Thursday, 12th May is the date set for this important local event.

Monday, 23rd May will be a much more interesting day for the youngsters, however, Mayoring Day in Rye has always been a favourite with the kids, perhaps the unique ceremony of throwing money about has something to do with it.

The Old Hospital
The Old Hospital

Take a close look at this picture—it’s very difficult to recognise at the Old Hospital in Mermaid Street—photo taken about 1880

From the April 1966 Issue of “Rye’s Own’


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