Rye Silt Dredger


By John Blight

In 2007 a better and cheaper option for dredging was needed for Rye. The Dutch had the monopoly on this throughout the UK, but about 10 years previously I had drawn up a system to fit to an existing vessel, then never got around to fitting it. Continue reading Rye Silt Dredger

Forty Years Since The First “Rye’s Own

Back in 1965, as Bonfire Night approached, a new magazine appeared in the newsagents of the town. “Rye’s Own” was born. Volume 1, Number 1 it read on the cover, the price was two shillings (10p). Rodney Booth, now manager at Skinner’s Motors, was among the Bonfire Boys featured on the cover at their secret hideaway where the torches were made to light the procession on the great night. Continue reading Forty Years Since The First “Rye’s Own