The Cheeky Girls

Rye’s Cheeky Twins are as Popular as Ever

Rye’s Own pop stars The Cheeky Girls have been described as ‘one hit wonders’ and accused of lack of talent by such emminent music critics like Pete Waterman and Simon.They have proved them all wrong. In the eyes of the public at least they are a popular and talented act and seem to be just as full of fun now as they were when their first single ‘The Cheeky Song (touch
my bum)” was released six years ago and spent four weeks over the Christmas period at no.2. in the British Pop Charts.

Despite the massive pressure of work involved in promoting a Christmas hit single Gabriela and Monica took time out to meet the children of
Rye at the Christmas Grotto at Ypres Castle.

The girls were born in Romania. They studied gymnastics and ballet and toured with the Hungarian National Opera before joining their
mother Margarit who had moved to Rye in England in 2000.

The girls shot to fame as the Cheeky Girls after auditions on the British TV shows, Channel 4’s Model Behaviour and more importantly Popstars: The Rivals. Following two appearances on the show, a feat no other artists have achieved before or after. Their audition left judges Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh speechless and they recorded an emphatic no which prevented the twins from proceeding in the competition.

The public loved them however and cried for more. Various record companies approached the Granada Press Office who were able to secure them a deal
with the Multiply label part of Telstar Records. “The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)” was swiftly recorded and released, the rest is history.