Cheeky Girls at Icklesham Bonfire 2008

By Jim Hollands

It seems hardly credible that the Cheeky Girls came to Rye almost 15 years ago to join their mum and step dad and live in the Ancient Town.

They became very well known as a result of their appearance on Popstars : The Rivals and their first record ‘The Cheeky Song’ , stormed up the British Pop Charts and was No. 2 over the Christmas period – An outstanding achievement when you consider how they were written off by ‘talent expert’ Pete Waterman as being  “The worst act ever” Continue reading Cheeky Girls at Icklesham Bonfire 2008

Cheeky Cheeky

We have lots more requests for pictures of the Cheeky Girls, So here we are from our files.

Pictures from the “Rye’s Own” File.

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Ever Popular Cheeky Girls

Rye’s Own pop stars The Cheeky Girls have been described as ‘one hit wonders’ and accused of lack of talent by such eminent music critics as like Pete Waterman and Simon Cowell . Continue reading Ever Popular Cheeky Girls

Icklesham Beer Festival

When the Hastings Beer Festival was cancelled the Icklesham Festival, based at the Robin Hood decided to book many top singers, bands and groups for their own event on the 25-27 July. Continue reading Icklesham Beer Festival

Town Crier

will want to know why these ‘faceless’ people at Rother wield so much power over our affairs and what our own councillors are going to do about it. Continue reading Town Crier