Icklesham Bonfire Special

The Robin Hood Bonfire Society have always held their big night on the ‘Fifth’, and so it was this year. What a night it was too.

The weather, despite the forecast remained dry and the many hundreds that turned out for the event had and evening of spectacle and fire. The procession, led by the famous Robin Hood Bonfire Society emblem, was supplemented by contingents from Rye including Rye Bonfire Society, The Rye Drummers, The Rye Longbowmen and Jimper’s Parrot.

An amazing Fireworks Display orchestrated with music delighted the crowd, then, after the Rye Longbowmen had shot flaming arrows into the fire, young Ricky Lancaster ignited a fuse which electronically fired the charges in the fire 50 yards away and set the pyre ablaze from top to bottom within a split second.

The spit roast and refreshment tents were well supported and along with entry fee to the field and Jimper’s efforts with the bucket and Parrot, all monies raised on the night goes to local charities.

Well done Icklesham a great evenings entertainment.Robin2

Above :- The Robin Hood emblem proudly heads the procession.robin1

Left :- Members of the Rye Drummers entertain the crowds before the start of the procession.Robin

Below :- Members of the Robin Hood Bonfire Society lead the torchlight procession.

From “Rye’s Own “ December 2005

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