Cheeky Girls at Icklesham Bonfire 2008

By Jim Hollands

It seems hardly credible that the Cheeky Girls came to Rye almost 15 years ago to join their mum and step dad and live in the Ancient Town.

They became very well known as a result of their appearance on Popstars : The Rivals and their first record ‘The Cheeky Song’ , stormed up the British Pop Charts and was No. 2 over the Christmas period – An outstanding achievement when you consider how they were written off by ‘talent expert’ Pete Waterman as being  “The worst act ever”

I have known Gabriela & Monica since they first arrived in Rye and find them to be entertaining and popular. They never refuse to give their time to attend any charity event to help raise money for good causes if they have no engagements, and are enormously patient with children. They helped me call a Charity Auction at Rye Harbour when one of their songs was right near the top of the charts. After the sale a little girl of about nine pleaded with them to sing the song to her.  They did just that. I was very impressed. That wonderful ability to connect with people is one of the reasons they have been so popular for so long.

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cheeky girls 036 cheeky girls 025 cheeky girls 026 cheeky girls 027 cheeky girls 028 cheeky girls 029 cheeky girls 030 cheeky girls 031 cheeky girls 032 cheeky girls 033 cheeky girls 034 cheeky girls 035


cheeky girls 004 cheeky girls 037 cheeky girls 038 cheeky girls 039 cheeky girls 040 cheeky girls 041 cheeky girls 042 cheeky girls 043






The pictures on this post were taken at the 2008 Robin Hood Bonfire Societies big night on 5 November 2008, when the Cheeky Girls attendance drew record crowds on a very wet night. I took pictures of them with Kevin Wall and other Bonfire Organisers and, as the Robin Hood was closed for the evening, took the opportunity of taking a set of shots of the girls in that great setting which have appeared in all the Cinque Ports Magazines and web pages many times since.

cheeky girls 019 cheeky girls 005 cheeky girls 006 cheeky girls 007 cheeky girls 008 cheeky girls 009 cheeky girls 010 cheeky girls 011 cheeky girls 012 cheeky girls 013 cheeky girls 014 cheeky girls 015 cheeky girls 016 cheeky girls 017 cheeky girls 018


Gabriela and Monica are two very special ladies who have worked hard and had many ups and downs since they shot to fame in 2002. I hope they are around for many years to come, entertaining us with that unique style of cheeky innocence and stylish dress that so many have come to enjoy.



cheeky girls 044



cheeky girls 045

cheeky girls 024

cheeky girls 023

cheeky girls 021 cheeky girls 020

Don’t Miss The Bonfire at the Robin Hood on November 5 – You Never Know What Surprises the Robin Hood Bonfire Boys have in store.

Rye’s Own Bulletin 29 October 2015

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