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May has been another great month for the Rye & District Wheelers. There were no less than ten Rye riders entered for the first Tenterden “10”, this despite losing ever present Kevin Hall to an ankle operation that will put him out of action for several races. Barry Goodsell produced the fastest ride of the evening, beating riders from Tenterden, Ashford and Hastings.

Barry had beaten all the Hastings riders in that club’s “Hilly” eight mile time trial two evenings before. Add that to Jon Beasley’s first in the most improved rider award in the KCA “10” the previous Sunday and it becomes clear that the Rye Club is fast rivalling the feats of the Wheelers of the 50’s and 60’s.

                      The New Club Jerseys

Gary Booth, Bill Waters, Mark Nash, Jon Beasley and Barry
Goodsell sporting the Rye Wheelers new jerseys at Tenterden.

May month saw the arrival of the new club jerseys, a very smart outfit incorporating the prewar “Sprocket” logo on the shoulders, keeping a strong connection with the Wheelers of yesterday in a very up to date design.


                           Mike Ashdown Back

Mike Ashdown, Rye Wheelers star track man of the sixties, is back with the Club after 35 years. He rode in club colours in the Dave Ashdown Memorial “10”, the Rye Club Championship, on Saturday 21 May and recorded second fastest time.

Tenterden “10” Friday 13 May

Barry Goodsell 25.02

Mark Nash 28.47

David Patten 33.00

Jon Beasley 27.54

Bill Waters 29.13

Gary Booth 30.23 J

im Hollands 33.22

                    “10” Mile Points Competition

Barry Goodsell 36pts.

Patten 27pts.

Mark Nash 20pts.

Jon Beasley 16pts.

Bill Waters 14pts.

Gary Booth 12pts.

Jack Goodsell 9pts.

Jim Hollands 8pts.

Nick Reed 5pts.

Barney Reed 4pts.

Eric Smith 2pts.

As at 20 May

                   Tenterden “10” Friday 20

May Barry Goodsell 24.03

David Patten 26.01

Jack Goodsell 31.48

                    Tenterden “10” Friday 6 May

Barry Goodsell 24.31

Mark Nash 27.43

David Patten 27.46

Jon Beasley 27.51

Bill Waters 28.39

Gary Booth 28.59

Nick Reed 29.58

Barney Reed 30.31

Jim Hollands 31.51

Eric Smith 37.03

                    Hastings Hilly “8” Wednesday 4 May

Barry Goodsell 22.19

Jim Hollands 31.30

                   K.C.A. “10” Sunday 1 May

Jon Beasley 27.17

Gary Booth 30.01

                 Hastings Hilly “8” Wednesday 11 May

Barry Goodsell 21.51

Mark Nash 25.06

Jim Hollands 31.51

 Dave Ashdown Memorial Club Championship “10” Saturday 21 May

Barry Goodsell 24.11

Mick Ashdown 26-57

Jon Beasley 26.43

Bill Waters 29.04

Gary Booth 28.41

Jim Hollands 32.33

Mervyn Robbins 39.33

Granville Bantick DNS

Gary Booth, Bill Waters, Mark Nash, Jon Beasley and Barry
Goodsell sporting the Rye Wheelers new jerseys at Tenterden.

                        Kent V.T.T.A. “30” Sunday 8 May

Bill Waters 1.36..39

Jim Hollands 1.39.56

                        Wigmore “25” Sunday 15 May

David Patten 1.09.31

Gary Booth 1.14.19 D

Dave Ashdown Riding for the Wheelers in 1966

June 2005 Issue of “Rye’s Own”

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