The Life and Times of Reg Weeks

Reg Weeks was born at 2 Bridge Place, Rye, Sussex on the 1st February, 1907. His parents were married in the Registry Office on 30th November, 1901 and their first child, Elsie was born a month later. Alice was relieved that Reg was born healthy, her previous baby had been stillborn and her first child. Elsie, was now five years old. She would soon begin to take in washing again to supplement her husband Charles’ earnings as a bricklayer. Continue reading The Life and Times of Reg Weeks

Living In The Fast

By Daydreamer

Living in the fast world of today I wonder how many older people like myself yearn a little for the good old bad old days of the 1920s and ’30s. No television, stereo units or video recorders no disc players, telephones or vacuum cleaners. The list is endless. Some homes boasted a wireless set which whistled, hissed and crackled most of the time it was on. Continue reading Living In The Fast