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I have been highlighting, month after month, the unfairness of Rother District Council when it comes to services and consideration for Rye.

Folkestone has been in the same position with Shepway District Councilbut it seems they are in the process of snatching their town back and making the big decisions themselves. In the meantime they have mounted enough pressure to get things moving in a big way.

Go Folkestone was initially sponsored & formed as “Go Folkestone Action Group” by Folkestone Lions Club in 2001. Since then they have been working on behalf of the people of Folkestone to make their town a better place to live in.

What has Go Folkestone been able to achieve?

The go ahead for a Folkestone Town Council tops the list.

They have mounted pressure and had existing train journey times cut between London and Folkestone.

Following pressure from Go Folkestone! 200 notices have been served by Shepway District Council on the owners of derelict buildings.

Skate park due for Spring 2004 opening.

A Steering Committee has been formed to find a site, raise money and erect a building to become the Folkestone Youth Centre. The group is now led by Folkestone MP Michael Howard and has top ranking country and district officers and councillors working on it.

Discussions have been held with officials from Boulogne about working together for the benefit of both towns, with particular reference to the reintroduction of the ferry link.

In addition:

Progress on the Town Centre development has followed considerable pressure from Go Folkestone!

After support from Go Folkestone! The Strategic Rail Authority has approved plans for Channel Tunnel Rail link to Folkestone.

On the 10th June 2004, GO FOLKESTONE had six members elected onto the newly formed Folkestone Town Council.

The Town Council have 18 seats altogether and this is made up as follows

Conservatives 8

Go Folkestone 6

Lib Dems 4

Ann Berry, who many will remember, lived in Rye for several years, has been appointed spokesperson for Go Folkestone councillors and was recently elected Mayor.

The time has come for a “Go Rye” group to look after the interests of this town. There are good men and women on Rye Town Council, and outside it, who could make this happen. It is obvious to all by now that Rother District Council is a top heavy, unimaginative, highly expensive and largely, as far as Rye is concerned, unfair body, that has become embroiled in politics. Rye was traditionally run, in the days before 1973, by independents who had only Rye’s interests at heart.

Let us band together, dispense with Rother and turn the clocks back, this town was far more secure and successful in the days before 1973 when it was Rye Borough Council.

Indeed, Rye was more successful in the four hundred years before that date when it looked after its own affairs!

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I am advised on good authority that Miles Jupp will be the star of the 2004 Rye Festival. 9.30pm. Saturday 11 September at the Community Centre.

“Rye’s Own” September 2004

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