Regeneration at Rope Walk

An amazing transformation has been happening at the Rope Walk Shopping Centre during the past few months.

The old dairy building was transformed by Billy Waters into a 32 unit shopping venue in the mid nineties. It has had periods of great success but during the past six years had gradually faded away. There were many shops vacant and the selection of wares obtainable left much to be desired.Walk4

Since June of last year the situation has turned round dramatically, the place has regained its vibrant character, the shops are filling up fast and the variety offered has made Rope Walk an exciting place to shop.

Where else in Sussex can you get a fishing rod, a parrot, lingerie for the misses, gifts for all the family and have a selection of cafes to enjoy a meal all under the same roof? As a bonus the adjoining car park is large enough to accommodate you at any time (except Thursdays – Market Day) for the price of £1 for as long as you want. (Up to 4 hours).

Gone are the ‘excluded’ school children who spent much of their day hanging around the Centre. This is due to the vastly improved running of the Regeneration at Rope Walk Thomas Peacocke College and new policies introduced at the Centre.

Much of the success can be put down to Centre Manager Peter Rix who has worked tirelessly to unite a great cross section of proprietors and get them all going in the same direction. Peter’s unique van is well known around the town has done much to publicise the different businesses.

                            Market Atmosphere

The stalls introduced through the centre of the ground floor have brought a market atmosphere to the mall and give the place a busy, bust ling fee ling, much the same it had in the early days when its popularity was at a peak.

Traders report a very good Christmas period and are looking forward to the New Year with eager anticipation.Walk1

Above :- A little number obtainable from Jan’s Lingerie Shop on the top floor at the Shopping Centre.



Left : A parrot, one of a huge selection to be found at Alfie Grey’s New Pet Shop in Rye at the Rope Walk.

From “Rye’s Own “ January  2005

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