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Nearly every week there is an article in the local paper about the parking of traffic in no parking areas in Rye. The problem has got worse since the Traffic Warden was removed. Why the people in control of the town do not employ another, beats me. The cost, they say, does not add up to a profit. Well it would if they did as they do in other places. The wardens are paid commission on bookings. If the fine was £50 and the Warden was paid £25 and the other £25 went to the town, that’s £25 more than they get at the moment so how can they lose? The cost to start is only a pen and paper, a uniform, a watch, and a camera.

That’s one solution to the Rye parking problem, and how easy that was. Another suggestion for Rye is to make the High Street from East Street to Lion Street a “no go area for traffic” from 10am. to 4pm. This would make a much more pleasant experience for the folk who come to Rye to shop and sight-see. I know the trade and commerce people say it would effect trade but I have asked friends in Hastings and Hythe who have businesses in shopping precincts other town folk who have had the same problem, and now have a precinct and they say “It was the best thing that had been done.” (Comments are welcome on these two suggestions, no stones please. Ed.)

Well, what a grand Summer, nice and sunny with a fair amount of warmth, the garden plants and flowers thrived, if one watered them for we had little rain, except I remember three days of wet weather when the heavens opened up and made all the plums swell and split.

There were no wasps anywhere and after that mild winter we had, it made we wonder; the simple reason I think is that as we experienced no hard frosts. Queen wasps, along with many other insects, did not take themselves away to keep warm. Though the insects are always prayed on all year by the little birds like Wrens and Tits, the birds have an easy job finding them and made good inroads into the over wintering Queens. Anyone would have laid money on a large population of Wasps this year but no, I think I might have solved that one, do you agree or did anyone have a problem? Many areas got a good soaking and even a thunder storm and flooding yet, Rye stayed dry. This September was the driest and warmest since records started.

Thanks to the generosity of John Izod and Tom Nicolaysen, I am to be the 2014 Rye Fawkes and get to light the Bonfire this year. I have had the pleasure of lighting other Society’s bonfire but, it is real honour to be the one to set fire to Rye bonfire. At the auction of promises the two people mentioned, bid the highest and secured the right to light the fire. Almost instantly Tom told me that he had bought it for me “What an Honour” after all the years I have been involved, I never dreamt that I would one day be carried in that old white chair that had been stored for many years in the back of one of our sheds. This year I have been told that I am not allowed to help build or go near the bonfire while it is being constructed, the Society have a secret up their sleeves, that I hope to solve before the night. What are the boys and girls up too? The bonfire season once again entertains us, many buckets collected for local charities and good causes.

This year, Bonfire Night in Rye is on Saturday 8 November. It’s a great free family evening, Torchlight Procession, Fireworks and Bonfire all absolutely free. Please show your appreciation and put a few quid in the buckets throughout the evening.


“Rye’s Own”  November 2014

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