Spotlight On Hythe Milm Dance

 By Maggie George

There’s something exciting happening in Hythe on Monday evenings. Instead of sitting in front of their televisions, people are flocking to the Royal British Legion clubhouse to be put through their paces with ballroom dance teacher, Mike Hall. Continue reading Spotlight On Hythe Milm Dance

Maggie’s Musings

By Maggie George

I envy the girls of today, they have so much more freedom than we of a “certain age” were able to enjoy. Take for instance courtship rituals. In my youth, if you liked a boy you had to wait in the hope he’d notice you and if all went well, he’d ask you out to the pictures. Continue reading Maggie’s Musings

Hastings in Wartime Part 2

Memories From A Life In Hastings Through Two World Wars (Part 2).

By Tony May.

One of my Nan’s most remarkable memories from a lifetime in Hastings, concerns the day in (or around) 1930 when, walking the promenade with her mother and father on one of the family’s regular Sunday walks, she saw the Zeppelin Airship R101 flying slowly along in the distance. Continue reading Hastings in Wartime Part 2