Dancing Craze Hits Rye


Stricktly Come Dancing has got a lot to answer for. It seems that the whole country has gone ballroom mad.

Even in Rye the effect is being felt, just pop your head around the door at the Rye Community Centre on Monday evenings and you will see what I mean.

Dance teacher Ashley Davies. He runs Salsa dancing classes all over England
Dance teacher Ashley Davies. He runs Salsa dancing classes all over England

Ashley Davies, who has been dancing for six years and teaching for one, has got Salsa classes running for those that want to ‘dance the light fantastic’ at the more and more popular Dinner Dances and Tea Dances that are popping up everywhere.

The Salsa is a Latin American dance offering chances at ‘communal dancing’ in rows and in sets. More difficult than it appears at first glance but very satisfying if it can be mastered.

Anyone interested in joining the group will be made very welcome, just pop along at 8pm. on a Monday evening and sign on and you will have learned several steps by 10pm.

Rye Community Centre is, of course, the centre of dance training in Rye. It is here that a Dancing school has been operating since 1972, just a few months after the Rye Community Centre Committee took charge of the old Methodist Church and Hall. Hundreds, possibly even thousands of children have been taught to dance here in the 36 years that have passed since then. The Rye School of Dance have put on hundreds of performances at fete’s, concerts and performances of all kinds. Their pupils are well known for getting high marks at the White Rock when they are tested against their contempories from all over East Sussex.

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