Spotlight On Hythe Milm Dance

 By Maggie George

There’s something exciting happening in Hythe on Monday evenings. Instead of sitting in front of their televisions, people are flocking to the Royal British Legion clubhouse to be put through their paces with ballroom dance teacher, Mike Hall. Continue reading Spotlight On Hythe Milm Dance

War & Peace – Herman

By Maggie George

I had intended baking a new Herman-the-German Friendship cake yesterday. As many of you will know, I frequently make these delicious cakes and they have become a firm favourite amongst my friends and family, especially the grandchildren who love to help me, stirring the mixture and scraping out the bowl afterwards. Continue reading War & Peace – Herman

Maggie’s Musings

By Maggie George

I envy the girls of today, they have so much more freedom than we of a “certain age” were able to enjoy. Take for instance courtship rituals. In my youth, if you liked a boy you had to wait in the hope he’d notice you and if all went well, he’d ask you out to the pictures. Continue reading Maggie’s Musings

Herman Takes the Bite

By Maggie George

It was all Herman’s fault really. I’d been enjoying a lovely slice of my latest Herman-the-German Friendship cake which I had flavoured this time with almonds when suddenly, I bit down hard and crack, a molar broke. Actually to be more precise a filling in the molar broke because, in common with a fair few people of my age, I have a generous smattering of amalgam in amongst my not-so-pearly-whites. The pain was excruciating, it felt as if red-hot pokers were being inserted into my jawbone. Tears of self-pity filled my eyes as I reached for the phone to ring the dental surgery. Continue reading Herman Takes the Bite

Maggie’s Musings Decorating Blues

By Maggie George

I hate decorating; I loathe the upheaval of clearing rooms of furniture and I dislike the stench of paint. My clothing gets covered with splatters and spills and the wet paintwork is a magnet for pet hairs. The cat’s tail becomes a furry roller as it’s brushed against the paint tray, leaving it looking more skunk than feline. Then there’s the cleaning of brushes afterwards, so I can never understand people who have the urge to decorate their homes on a running cycle, beginning all over again once the last room is complete. Continue reading Maggie’s Musings Decorating Blues

Maggie’ Musings

By Maggie George.


I consider myself to be extremely fortunate living by the seaside. In my leisure time, once the holiday season is over and the crowds are gone, I enjoy nothing better than a stroll around the harbour watching the tide ebb and flow, the gulls swooping and diving over the water following the fishing boats for food rather than dive-bombing unsuspecting tourists carrying their wrappers of fish and chips or dishes of seafood. Continue reading Maggie’ Musings