Tony May’s February Feed Back

I thought this month I would take a bit of time to bring you up to date with news regarding some of my most recent articles. I get quite a lot of feedback from the pieces I write here and I always think if a story is worth writing at all it is worth following up on… so, here goes! Continue reading Tony May’s February Feed Back

The Clarence Hotel Silverhill


By John Hodges

The first reference to the name Silver Hill, it was spelt as two words until about 1865, occurs in 1783 when High Ridge Farm changed its name to that of Silver Hill Farm. The name next occurs in 1813 when the name of Silver Hill Mill first appears on the ordnance survey map, but little more is heard of this mill until 1838 when John Harmer brought to the site one of the mills that had stood on the West Hill. Despite a series of catastrophes and subsequent reconstructions this old mill struggled on until 1966 when the crumbling structure was finally Continue reading The Clarence Hotel Silverhill

Hastings in Wartime Part 2

Memories From A Life In Hastings Through Two World Wars (Part 2).

By Tony May.

One of my Nan’s most remarkable memories from a lifetime in Hastings, concerns the day in (or around) 1930 when, walking the promenade with her mother and father on one of the family’s regular Sunday walks, she saw the Zeppelin Airship R101 flying slowly along in the distance. Continue reading Hastings in Wartime Part 2

When the Trollybus was King


In next month’s issue Roland Jempson explores the history of the Hastings & St. Leonards Trollybus era from spectacular beginnings final eclipse. The picture above portrays the bustle around the Albert Memorial soon after the new trollybus service came into operation. Continue reading When the Trollybus was King

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor

I would like to congratulate you and your staff on another brilliant edition of Hastings Town, full of interesting local items. Particularly your reporter Gemma Pocock on her fascinating article about Alexandra Park in edition two, which among other plants, includes some specimen Giant Redwood Trees (Seqouia Gigantica ) – Not quite as big as the ones in Canada, but on their way !! Continue reading Pen & Ink

Futher Childhood Memories

By Vic Chalcraft

Thinking back to school I days has awaken many more memories of childhood. The earliest, must be taken up to Riverhill Sevenoaks on a warm summers evening, we lived at Chevening in those days, to watch the traffic returning from a day on the coast, the deep bark of motor bike, the flash of heat blued chrome from exhaust pipes but mainly the glorious smell of burning oil and fuel and then of course later the wonderful body odour of the steam roller, traction engine and steam train working with their great pistons thrashing and brass work all a gleam. Sadly now just museum items. Continue reading Futher Childhood Memories