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Dear Editor

I would like to congratulate you and your staff on another brilliant edition of Hastings Town, full of interesting local items. Particularly your reporter Gemma Pocock on her fascinating article about Alexandra Park in edition two, which among other plants, includes some specimen Giant Redwood Trees (Seqouia Gigantica ) – Not quite as big as the ones in Canada, but on their way !! They are situated at the lower end of the Silverhill park near the bridle way and Harmers Pond, and are distinctive by their extremely soft bark, which is like a large ‘punchbag’.

As an addendum to her article, the ‘lake’ Gemma refers to at the top end of the park, is Buckshoal Reservoir with it’s adjacent top up lakes, which, with the Shornden Reservoir in the Silverhill Park, fed the now defunct, pumping station by the site of the old greenhouses, halfway up St Helens Road. This construction was made I believe in the late 19th century, to provide a water supply to the town. – it is a pity it is still not in use, it might lessen our chances of water restrictions in the summer periods !!!

Thanks again for another great magazine,- keep up the good work !


Dear Editor

I have bought No. 1 and No. 3 of your new Hastings Town magazine but there doesn’t seem to be many outlets for it in Hastings and the Information Bureau Staff hadn’t even heard of it. I should therefore like to have it sent to me direct plus a copy of issue two.

I remember Jimper well – my sister, Joan and I used to run White Lodge Stores opposite St. Richards Church in Winchelsea Beach (the shop has been pulled down and there was just a heap of rubble when I last visited the Beach). Unfortunately, my sister and Jimper didn’t always see eye to eye – I am quite amused to see how often he is in print now!

Christine Haywood             St Leonards-on-Sea

“Hastings Town” May 2008

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