The Cinque Ports Arms All Saints Street

 By John Hodges

Over the years many small pubs and beer houses have come and gone in the Old Town of Hastings, none more so than in All Saints Street and the twittens that run in to it from both sides. Some of these premises have a very complete history, of some virtually nothing is known, whilst others never aspired to being identified by a name. Continue reading The Cinque Ports Arms All Saints Street

The Hastings Arms

By John Hodges

At some time in the seventeenth century Hastings began to expand out of the valley of the Bourne , and odd buildings were erected in an area to the West that became known as the “Suburbs”. It was not until 1811 that this newly developed street became known locally as George Street, and early in the nineteenth century the George Inn was opened. Continue reading The Hastings Arms

Titanic Survivors

By Len King

On Sunday 31st May 2009 the last survivor from the TITANIC disaster died. Millvina Dean aged 97 years was living at a nursing home in Hampshire and only this year stars involved in the Hollywood blockbuster film of the tragedy agreed to contribute £20,000 to her fees. Continue reading Titanic Survivors

Old Town Carnival Queen 2008


Gemmaine is Miss Hastings 2008

Twenty year old Gemmaine Baughurst is the 2008 Old Town Carnival Queen and automatically becomes Miss Hastings. Continue reading Old Town Carnival Queen 2008