Harbour Road Cycle Footpath Update

 By Brian Matthews

I have recently been in contact with Mr James Harris, head of the Strategy Team at East Sussex County Council. Mr Harris has over site of the development of the cycle/ footpath at Harbour Road, Rye.

He informed me that everything is still on track though inevitably there would be a few problems on the way. One of the problems he highlighted was tracing the owners of the small strips of land which would have to be purchased. Though this would take time. Mr Harris assured me that this was not a delaying tactic but a genuine situation that needed time to sort be sorted out. Other matters relating to the pathway are still forging ahead and we must have faith that we are being reliably informed with no connotations. Time will tell!

Mr Harris also told me that the first phase (which will be from the village down to the industrial units) hopefully will be completed within this financial year (April 2006).

Moving on. It was disconcerting for all those involved to hear that there had been some negative publicity. It was suggested that the footpath would probably not get under way at all! This sort of comment is not really helpful and Mr Harris commented that it was most discouraging for both himself and his team. All of them he assured me were one hundred percent behind this project. I would appeal to any who are feeling a bit negative (I am sure with good motive) to perhaps adopt a more positive approach and give James Harris and his team their support and the benefit of any doubts they may have. As stated earlier “Time will tell!”.

The main reason I am so involved in this campaign is because of the tragic loss of my son Graham on this dangerous road (August 2004).

His is not the only death on this lethal stretch of road and I urge everyone, in memory of those who have died to fight on in a positive way. I am sure we will prevail.

Brian Mathews December 2005

From “Rye’s Own “ December 2005

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