The Cricketers South Terrace

By John Hodges

Sometime early in the nineteenth century Hastings began to expand out of what we now know as The Old Town, that still to this day nestles between its guardian hills. But before this westward expansion could take place substantial removal of the projecting Castle Cliffs had to be accomplished, a formidable precursor to a policy of continual development. Continue reading The Cricketers South Terrace

A Rye Childhood


By Noel C. A. Care

The non human member of the family was a large tabby cat. Although the cat was large its tail was very short. It has, apparently been caught in the front door when it had slammed closed. Although it looked a little ridiculous it did not seem to worry her. She had a habit of lying close to the ground by the step and jumping out at any dog that wandered in the lane. Continue reading A Rye Childhood