Bernard’s Nightmare

A film made one summer afternoon. Do not waste your time watching this film unless ;-

A. You are very bored

B. You want to see Bernard getting more exercise in one afternoon than he gets in a year now


C. You are a very good pianist and love Charlie Chaplin films. Continue reading Bernard’s Nightmare

The Infallible System


True Stories of a Rye Family from a time when the World was Younger

“I’ve got an infallible system!” Jim Snr. beamed from ear to ear. “It’s come up trumps every Saturday for the past four weeks.”

“Oh yes? said his eldest son, summoning up as much phony enthusiasm as he could. He knew all about his systems. Every six months or so there was a new one. Every time they were “infallible”. Every time they resulted in a bonus for the Dog Track Tote. Continue reading The Infallible System

Keeping Watch in 1973

“Keeping Watch”

Passengers, aboard an ocean liner, pass their days -happy or anxious, busy or idle – not much concerned with what goes on “below decks”. Enough, that there is a crew who presumably know their business and destination, and watch-by-watch through the twenty-four hours get on with the job. Continue reading Keeping Watch in 1973