Mass Demonstration Against Shepway District Council.

“Locals are┬ásick and tired of David Monk and his cronies at Shepway”

Local residents from all over Shepway are gearing up for the Mass Demonstration set to hit the town of Folkestone at one of the busiest times of the year.

A recent protest at Hythe
A recent protest at Hythe


An alliance of various groups are coming together to protest against the shoddy way they are being treated by Shepway District Council in riding roughshod over the wishes of the people. This is set to be one of the biggest demo’s in Shepway.

A local spokesperson said: ‘We are sick and tired of David Monk and his cronies at Shepway totally disenfranchising us. We’ve had enough. They forget that they are our servants. The sooner we can get rid of them the better’. The demonstration will assemble at The Civic Centre, Castle Hill Ave, Folkestone on the 3rd December at 10.30am. Leave good time for parking.

A Cinque Ports Bulletin Friday 25 November 2016

Cinque Ports will be at the March and a full report will appear in the January Issue Number 16