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                                   Double Bluff?

News of a new supermarket in Rye has been trickling out from East Sussex County Council officials. We are being lead to believe that the Ferry Road school site will be the home of a new Tesco outlet. Continue reading Town Crier

Turkey Cock Lane

By Brian Trill.

They had been catching each other’s eye for a long time, like lovers before they meet. Jonathan had been in holy orders for seven years and Mary for nine years. They were barely thirty years old and ignorant of the world outside their abode. They should not have been in a position to even cast eyes upon one another in the normal course of events. Continue reading Turkey Cock Lane

Fund Raising For ARRCC

By Peter Holland

Pictures by Martin Carter

All too often we hear that someone we know has suffered a stroke or has contracted an obscure ailment which robs its victim of physical or mental capabilities. Continue reading Fund Raising For ARRCC

Pen & Ink


Dear Editor,

I feel I must point out a mistake you made in April’s issue. Reg Giles’ photograph in the Secondary School Football team of 1934-35. Reg lived at 7 Western Place, Winchelsea Road. Continue reading Pen & Ink

History in a Church Yard Near You

 By Eric Streeton

287 Lost in Shipping Disaster at Dungeness Approximately 15 years ago I was given an old Guide Book for Rye and Winchelsea which was printed at the start of the last century. Although a bit tatty it was more than readable, and read it I did, from cover to cover. Continue reading History in a Church Yard Near You

Churches Together in Rye and District

The Civic Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II St. Anthony of Padua’s church, Rye Wednesday 13 April 2005

The Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Aidan Walsh (Parish Priest), Fr. Andrew Fraser (both friars of the Franciscan Order), and the Very Rev Canon Charles Walker (Parish Priest of Northiam). Continue reading Churches Together in Rye and District