More Explosive People

Part 4 – By Arthur Woodgate

I said, in part four, that I would explain why I preferred the Jarretts to the other Rye net makers at that time so here we go. When I walked down The Mint towards Strand, Mr G Jarrett used to call me in his shop and he and his wife had a friendly chat. Continue reading More Explosive People

100 Years of Rye Soccer

100 years of Rye Soccer

Football, the soccer variety, captured the imagination of the people of Rye well before the turn of the 19th. Century. There were doubtless many teams playing the old “kick and rush” style of football in Rye and the surrounding districts in the days of the great Corinthians and Wanderers – but legend only tells the story of pre-1900 soccer matches played in the Town.

The Great Team of 1904

1904 saw the first success recorded in the new century. In that year the Rye Football Club carried off the Tunbridge Wells Charity Cup in front of capacity crowds at the Central Ground, Hastings. That evening the victorious team was welcomed at Rye Station by hundreds of enthusiastic supporters who had been unable to get tickets for the match. The Rye Town Band played “Sussex By the Continue reading 100 Years of Rye Soccer

Sidney Herbert Allnutt

By Arthur Woodgate

As we moved from Lion Street into Mermaid Street School in 1921, the well known, even quite famous, Headmaster Sprig Walker was about to retire, and as we stood in rows to mark the occasion, we had no idea it was the beginning of a Mermaid Street School revolution.

Miss Walker, daughter of Sprig, and Mr. & Mrs. King were very stable teachers but we could sense they were not happy with the new Headmaster; Roland Roberts. Continue reading Sidney Herbert Allnutt