The Carlisle Hotel

By John Hodges

Early in the 19th Century, industry in what was to become the new town of Hastings, consisted only of agriculture with its many hop gardens in the Priory Valley and lime burning on the site of Wellington Square. However, one notable exception to this shortage was perhaps the continuing work provided by Continue reading The Carlisle Hotel

Fund Raiser Kevin

Rye Auctioneer is Tireless Charity Fund Raiser

Auctioneer Kevin Hall, well known at Rye Auction Galleries, has been active again this year at Charity Auction of Promises raising thousands of pounds selling anything from two nights at one of Rye’s best known hotels to a snazzy tie donated by a local shop. Continue reading Fund Raiser Kevin

Life Should Mean Life

This letter – Written to the Editor in January 2006 has great relevance in the upcoming European Referendum. It would be interesting to know if these conclusions apply ten years on. (JH. ┬áSunday 1 Jan 2016)

Life Should Mean Life

Dear Editor.

I agree with you that the certainty of detection combined with the severity of the sentence should deter even the most vicious criminal. Continue reading Life Should Mean Life