Vintage World Winter 2019

The first issue of our new magazine VINTAGE WORLD is available now.  It is a SUBSCRIPTION ONLY HARD COPY PUBLICATION delivered to your door anywhere in the United Kingdom for £20 per year (four seasonal issues).

Order your magazines by PayPal button below, or by cheque for £20, made out to Cinque Ports Magazines Rye Limited. Send to Guinea Hall Lodge, Sellindge, Kent TN25 6EG.  Alternatively send address and pay £20 direct into our bank  20-02-62 Acc. No. 83865096.  The Winter issue will be with you within 7 days of  receiving your payment.

The first issue contains articles, features or pictures pertaining to the following.

Jive Aces : Cover picture, pictures and article.

Girl next door : Many original photographs taken in the 1960’s & 70s

The Madonna Car : Pictures and feature with the Dulcettes

Victoria and the Field Marshall : Singer Victoria Bass poses with a vintage tractor that is started with a shot gun cartridge.

When the World was younger : Scott Elvis brings Elvis back to life and the Beatles, Alf Ramsey, Bobby Moore, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Cliff Richard and Winston Churchill all get a mention.

Adam & Rosy : Article and pictures of the amazing Adam Hoffman and the many talented Rosie Apples.

Vintage Cycle Grass Track Racing : Pictures and article including Miss World, Leslie Langley starting a race at Faversham Gala Sports which included members of the Rye Wheelers, San Fairy Ann C.C. and Folkestone Cycling Club in 1965. High Ordinary (Penny Farthing) Racing at Crystal Palace in 1889.

Its a Retro World : Some of the fabulous performers who bring the music, humour and dance styles from the vintage years back to life at Retro events up and down the country and even further afield, are pictured in action over two colourful pages. The pictures include John Miller, Fiona Paige, Victoria Bass, Adam Hoffman, Holly Foster, Viv the Spiv, Luna Nightingale, Miss Holiday Swing and the Alex Mendham Orchestra.

A Fight to the finish : A railway engine in a dual to the death with a German fighter-bomber.  One of the most amazing stories and pictures to come out of World War Two.

Rare Rolls Sedancalette 20-25 : The stunning Kent based duet, the Dulcettes and our own Ellie the 2019 Miss Vintage World, dressed in classic 1920’s style to illustrate one of the finest condition Rolls – Royce’ we have ever photographed.

60s Men’s Magazines : Classic vintage ‘girl next door’ pin-up publications that have become very collectable in recent years. Two pages packed with original 1960s photographs.

Burlesque : A brief history of Burlesque and pictures of English Burlesque acts including Kitten Von Mew, Missy Maybe and Rosie Apples.

Stirling’s First Race Car : The story of the life of the Cooper 500 racing car that Stirling Moss drove to win his first continental race. Also showing the car as it is today and pictures of singers Miss Holiday Swing and Victoria Bass in the driving seat of the little racer that Stirling won the Formula 500cc Championship at Monte Carlo in 1950.

The Bush Inn at the 1940s Village : Including article and pictures. Pictures include John & Joy Park, Holly Foster and a 1938 Morris Ambulance.

The Home Front : Including the Bush Inn at the November show at the Kent Life outdoor museum. Pictures include Joy Park and Miss Vintage World, the Headmaster, Land Army and Civil Defence members and re-enactors on the Parade Ground.

Austin J40 Electric Child’s Car : Demonstrated by Ellie

Jive Aces – Kings of Swing :  The story of the busiest band in the land.    Among those pictured : Ian Clarkson; Alex Douglas; Peter Howell; Vince Hurley; John Fordham; Ken Smith; Victoria Bass; Miss Holiday Swing; Cassidy Jenson

Holly & Victoria

Amazing People at the War & Peace Revival Jeff Haward.  Details of his fascinating book.

Miss Vintage World 2019  Lots of pictures

Beachhead Commando Re-enactors   Article and picture:

Featured are Robert Blackadder; Andy Meredith; Jack Ruffhead; Alex Ruffhead; Pete Fletcher; Alan Reynolds and John Ruffhead.


Cinque Ports Bulletin December 2018


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Cause and Effect

War & Peace Revival Day Three

The feud between Scott Elvis and Adam Hoffman continues. Scott parked the outdoor entertainments vehicle outside the door of the Victory Marquee and blasted out Heartbreak Hotel just as Alan  was starting his set inside. Adam saw him off and continued his song.

Adam always gets revenge but Elvis suspected nothing when several fans asked him to sing ‘Devil in Disguise’ in his next appearance.

It all started so well –

Could that be a plan being hatched in the background?


Things were happening behind Scott Elvis


The shock was real enough

But like the great performer he is – the show went on

The moment he realised who had worked the plan.

Another outstanding day at the War & Peace Revival – It was a bit warm – The fabulous ‘Duettes’ summed the day up. “Too Darned Hot” A fantastic show with amazing performers. Only Today and Tomorrow left. Don’t miss out come on down to The Hop Farm but remember your hat and sun cream.


A Rye’s Own Bulletin Thursday 26 July 2018

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Victoria & Holly Light Up War & Peace Revival Day One

The Girls in the Yellow Dresses

The Duettes, Holly from Ashford and Victoria from Folkestone, stole the show on the first day of the War & Peace Revival at the Whitbread Hopfields Event Centre, Beltring near Paddock Wood.

Holly & Victoria harmonised brilliantly and reeled off forties and fifties favourites to a packed audience on a blazing hot afternoon in the ‘Dad’s Army’ featured Victory Marquee.

Old favourites Adam Hoffman & Scott Elvis were back with Adam up to his usual tricks – stealing the microphone from Scott as he was about to start his set.

Viv the Spiv, the best compare in the world, conducted affairs with his usual inimitable line of banter, probably with an armful of watches up his sleeve and a few pairs of silk stockings in his pocket.

The show runs on tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss out on the finest Military vehicle event on the Globe and its amazing variety of all things vintage, even a 1940s village with the original pub with no beer.

Many pictures and stories from the show will be included in Rye’s Own, Cinque Ports and Hastings Town in the months to come with extra special features in our new Magazine “Vintage World” the first issue of which will be available at Christmas.

Rye’s Own Bulletin Tuesday 24 July 2018

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Last Day of 2016 War & Peace Revival Today (Saturday)

A few Pictures from Yesterday’s Entertainment

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin Saturday 23 July 2016

Twin Swing are a Sensation on Day Three

In the “Victory Marquee” at War & Peace Revival

So here they are, Twin Swing, the identical Twin Sisters, inspired by the infamous Dolly Sisters of the 1920s. They are helping to bring back the great era of ‘swing’ made famous in the Roaring Twenties. The twins are hoping to help make swing as popular in  2020 as it was 100 years before.

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