Cause and Effect

War & Peace Revival Day Three

The feud between Scott Elvis and Adam Hoffman continues. Scott parked the outdoor entertainments vehicle outside the door of the Victory Marquee and blasted out Heartbreak Hotel just as AlanĀ  was starting his set inside. Adam saw him off and continued his song.

Adam always gets revenge but Elvis suspected nothing when several fans asked him to sing ‘Devil in Disguise’ in his next appearance.

It all started so well –

Could that be a plan being hatched in the background?


Things were happening behind Scott Elvis


The shock was real enough

But like the great performer he is – the show went on

The moment he realised who had worked the plan.

Another outstanding day at the War & Peace Revival – It was a bit warm – The fabulous ‘Duettes’ summed the day up. “Too Darned Hot” A fantastic show with amazing performers. Only Today and Tomorrow left. Don’t miss out come on down to The Hop Farm but remember your hat and sun cream.


A Rye’s Own Bulletin Thursday 26 July 2018

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