Victoria & Holly Light Up War & Peace Revival Day One

The Girls in the Yellow Dresses

The Duettes, Holly from Ashford and Victoria from Folkestone, stole the show on the first day of the War & Peace Revival at the Whitbread Hopfields Event Centre, Beltring near Paddock Wood.

Holly & Victoria harmonised brilliantly and reeled off forties and fifties favourites to a packed audience on a blazing hot afternoon in the ‘Dad’s Army’ featured Victory Marquee.

Old favourites Adam Hoffman & Scott Elvis were back with Adam up to his usual tricks – stealing the microphone from Scott as he was about to start his set.

Viv the Spiv, the best compare in the world, conducted affairs with his usual inimitable line of banter, probably with an armful of watches up his sleeve and a few pairs of silk stockings in his pocket.

The show runs on tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss out on the finest Military vehicle event on the Globe and its amazing variety of all things vintage, even a 1940s village with the original pub with no beer.

Many pictures and stories from the show will be included in Rye’s Own, Cinque Ports and Hastings Town in the months to come with extra special features in our new Magazine “Vintage World” the first issue of which will be available at Christmas.

Rye’s Own Bulletin Tuesday 24 July 2018

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