The Building of Simmons Quay

Simmons Quay – Has Been Open for Ten Years

The new Quay at the Fishmarket in Rye has been in use now for 10 Years. It has proved to be a safe and workable arrangement that transformed the old fishing boat base from the most dangerous berth in the UK to the second safest fishing boat tie up in the country.

Ronnie Simmons
Ron Simmons


It was due to the effort, determination and tenacity of one man that this project was achieved. He devised a plan and chased local and national politicians, including the Prime Minister,  from pillar to post to get the scheme implemented and approved. He was also involved in raising the £5.2 million required to see the Quay built.

That man was Rye Fisherman, Ronnie Simmons. His efforts were recognized when the Quay was named after him when it was opened in 2006 and he was invited to Buckingham Palace.

This record of this piece of Rye history was created by Ron Simmons himself, to commemorate the 10 years of Simmons Quay. He has given it to our film archive to put on the “Rye’s Own” web site.

“Rye’s Own” Film Archive Release Saturday 13 August 2016