The Building of Simmons Quay

Simmons Quay – Has Been Open for Ten Years

The new Quay at the Fishmarket in Rye has been in use now for 10 Years. It has proved to be a safe and workable arrangement that transformed the old fishing boat base from the most dangerous berth in the UK to the second safest fishing boat tie up in the country.

Ronnie Simmons
Ron Simmons


It was due to the effort, determination and tenacity of one man that this project Continue reading The Building of Simmons Quay

Great Friend of Cinque Ports Magazines who died in September 2011

In Memory of Brian Hargreaves

Popular Rye Artist

One of Rye’s Own best known artists, Brian Hargreaves died suddenly on the last day of September 2011.

Brian’s wonderful line drawings of Rye and the district have graced the pages of this magazine on many occasions. We shall miss him greatly. Brian will be remembered locally for the fine architectural quality drawings of Rye’s buildings which cover every corner of the town and have appeared in the fine Millennium publication “Ryennium” which he illustrated for Jo Kirkham, and in the two books he produced with his wife Joyce who is also an author and artist. Many pictures from these three publications have been used in the pages of “Rye’s Own” and “Hythe & Romney Life”. Continue reading Great Friend of Cinque Ports Magazines who died in September 2011

The Queen in Rye

From the March 2002 issue of Rye’s Own

There was a time when the Royal Ensign flew over Rye Town Hall. Thirty-three years ago Queen Elizabeth II came to visit Rye and was given such a warm welcome by the people of this Town. Continue reading The Queen in Rye