Letter From America

From our American correspondent Sylvia Hewitt

Now that the holidays are over with for another year, it is time to get back to a normal routine, what ever that may be… The gift giving to the Grandkids has got much easier, they are all older and all have such different interests we now just give them money and they can get or put it toward whatever they want, so for me it is definitely much simpler, and I like simple !!!!!!!

I had Christmas Eve dinner here, 21 all told, so it was wall-to-wall people, as our house is not that big, but we managed to fit and had a wonderful, fun evening. It is a Hewitt tradition to do Chili on this night, and once you have it on the stove simmering, it really is an easy meal to prepare, although cooking for that many I really ‘sweated’ it out as to whether it would be enough for all of us, but not to worry I had one spoonful left, but it was close! Then everyone brings a ‘dish’ of some sort, so we had plenty to eat. Five generations of the Hewitts were here, therefore lots of photos were taken, ages ranging from 92 to 1 month old.

Our Christmas day was a much needed quiet one, we had Chuck’s Mum over, so it was the three of us. Long ago when I lived in Rye it was usually just Dad, Mum and me, so our Christmases were always quiet ones. I can remember that if we had a Xmas tree left in our shop (Sperring’s in Cinque Ports Street) then we had a tree, if they were all sold, then we did not have a tree, either way my Rye family Christmases were always special….

News Years Eve this year was quiet too, we went out for a bite to eat, then rented three movies, at 12 o’clock we did go outside and listen to all the fire-works so lots of loud bangs, (which our dog Sam was not too happy about, so he stayed indoors on “his couch”…..) Hubby went to bed just after 12, but I stayed up and watched another movie, finally getting to bed around 1.45. There was a time in my “younger” days I could stay up so much longer, but alas I fear those days are long gone. I do remember that in Rye there always was a New Year Dance at the Monastery. Any how I told a certain hubby that next new year we are going to go dancing, ( that will give him a year to let it ‘sink’ in.) While in Rye Jim and Jo’ got me to get on a bike, (first time in over 40 years) we went with the Rye Wheelers to Appledore, thought at one point that we would NEVER get there.. I really did enjoy the ride, but could have done with a soft, fluffy cushion on the saddle, “saddle soreness” was putting it mildly!

There was on old bike in a shed at Chuck’s sons house, so it was bought over here, where Chuck spent over a week fixing it up with new parts, we had to laugh, we most probably could have bought a new one by the time he was finished with it, but for a week he had something to do so it kept him busy and happy! now it is all done, Oh! and I got the biggest, softest saddle I could find…..Hubby too has a bike, I think he has been on it maybe, just maybe three times at the most, but he has said he will go riding with me, but I am not going to hold my breath! I really don’t know if anyone is interested in reading my jottings, but Jim is insistent that I write something occasionally, so please feel free to blame all this on him. Once again I really did enjoy my visit to Rye and seeing as many friends as I did, you all made it so worth while. Have a great day…

Sylvia chats with Les. Bourne at the recent reunion


From the February 2002  issue of Rye’s Own

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