Who was Henry Peuleve

From “Rye’s Own” March 2006 Issue

By David Bourne

Part 2

Because of his upbringing Henry was thoroughly Anglo-French being able to pass as a Frenchman and as an Englishman. After being in the Army’s evacuation from France in 1940 he was recruited into the F (French ) Section of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Henry broke his leg attempting to return to France as an agent. He escaped, over the Pyrenees into Spain with Jaques Poirier, a young Frenchman. Continue reading Who was Henry Peuleve

News – Views and Letters July 2006


Rye High Street is back to normal again after the upsets of June. Some have applied for compensation from the Highways Agency for loss of revenue during three weeks of mayhem when the whole town suffered from restricted access caused by the road closure between Skinners Roundabout and the Kettle of Fish Roundabout. Continue reading News – Views and Letters July 2006